It is well-known that the small but mighty chia seed is a nutrient-dense superfood packed with omega-3s, protein, fiber, vitamins, and minerals. Plus, it contains all 10 essential amino acids, making it a great source of plant-based protein. So it’s no wonder that the seeds benefit our bodies and health in more ways than one. But did you know there are also all-natural, skin-boosting benefits of eating chia seeds? The tiny seeds are chock-full of impressive properties that can counteract some of our most common skin problems like acne, dryness, scarring, and redness. From reducing inflammation to restoring healthy cells, the chia seed just might be the next best thing to your regular facials. Here’s why we can’t get enough of the the super-power benefits of eating chia seeds!

Anti-inflammation powers

Chia seeds are best known as a high source of omega-3 fatty acids, which decrease inflammation throughout the body and prevent heart disease. But what kind of skin perks can you get from omega-3 acids? It turns out the list is long. Munch on chia seeds and you may have reduced signs of redness, acne, and dryness.
In addition, chia seeds contain the much-needed minerals (but often not talked about)  magnesium and manganese. Both minerals play a key role in balancing blood sugar and are easily depleted from the body when you are stressed, which means your body often needs to be replenished with both. When both minerals are abundant in the body, blood sugar is well-balanced and cortisol levels are reduced, meaning you’ll find  well-balanced hormones and decreased inflammation – the perfect mix for glowing skin.

Regenerative properties

To add to the skin-boosting benefits of eating chia seeds we can’t forget to mention the seeds are full of zinc, which helps to improve cell regeneration. Just how does that happen? Because zinc is involved in cell regeneration and collagen synthesis, it is a powerhouse in reparative functions of the skin like healing wounds and reducing the evidence of scars. It also provides structure for our skin cells and aids in wound healing  from incidents like scratches, acne scars, and more.

Wrinkle-fighting nutrients

While the blueberry is often touted as an antioxidant hero, it is actually the chia seed that deserves more praise. Why? Because chia seeds contain more antioxidants than blueberries! Antioxidants are essential to the body and studies have linked them to a long list of health benefits, including reducing damage caused by infections and free-radicals. In addition, the antioxidants protect the fat in the seeds – an important part of the nutritional puzzle. But when it comes to your skin, you can note that they speed up the repair systems while fighting off free-radicals that cause inflammation and damage to cells, all of which can prematurely lead to aging, wrinkles, and fine lines. Fortunately, chia seeds have been shown to stop up to 70% of free-radical activity. What does that mean for your skin? There’s a less chance of sagging and a higher chance of smooth and firm skin!

Ultra-hydrating benefits

Did you know you can also use chia seeds topically? Chia seed oil is packed with tons of nourishing omega 3s and antioxidants that can really benefit your skin, especially when it comes to protecting the top layer of the epidermis. In addition, the crushed seeds that make up the oil can hold hydration against the surface of the skin, adding moisture and softness. In short? Rubbing chia seed oil directly onto dry patches of skin can help restore hydration, boost your glow, and soothe and calm inflamed, red skin. Additionally, the fatty acids found in chia seeds help cells retain water, which leads to supple, well-hydrated skin from the inside out.

So what’s the takeaway? Well, it turns out the benefits of eating chia seeds go beyond its nutritious health profile and can appeal to the beauty-conscious as well! And, they are easy to incorporate into your diet. Ready to reap the benefits of the tiny seed yourself? Try our new flavors of chia bars here.