Coconuts are a versatile fruit that contain high in a variety of essential nutrients that can be consumed as water, milk, meat, or dried. The benefits of coconut are vast because it is packed with:

  • Electrolytes: provide a natural source of energy and is ultra-hydrating.
  • Fiber: aids in digestion.
  • Protein: aids in muscle regeneration.
  • Ascorbic acid, B vitamins, and potassium: aid in heart health and support the nervous system.
  • Copper and vitamin C: keep skin elastic and flexible.
  • Selenium: reduces joint inflammation and provide relief to those with arthritis.
  • Iron: builds strong bones.
  • Magnesium: causes relaxing effects physically and mentally.

Cracking into a fresh coconut takes some hard word. Relax and reach for our new Coconut Chia Bar (with only 3g of sugar!) or whip up these simple vegan popsicles to take advantage of the magic of coconuts!

Make your superfoods tasty with this Coconut Popsicle recipe.