Few superfoods can boast as many benefits as ginger. A flowering plant, what we know as ginger is actually the root of the ginger plant and is in the same family as turmeric and cardamon. The benefits of ginger have been utilized for centuries as traditional medicine and the root can be consumed fresh, dried, powdered, or as oil.

Ginger contains two compounds called gingerol and 6-gingerol which are powerful substances. Benefits may include:

  • Antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties
  • Fights nausea
  • Reduces exercise-related muscle soreness
  • Anti-diabetic properties
  • Aids in digestion
  • Reduces menstrual pain
  • Improves brain function
  • Fights infections
  • Anti-cancer properties

Enjoy the benefits of ginger in a refreshing homemade ginger honey soda. Get the recipe!