Benefits of Protein for Women

As a registered dietitian, the number one concern I hear from women is that they are scared of getting “too big” or looking “too manly.” Part of that fear is based on workouts, but it also stems from misconceptions about diet as well. Specifically, many don’t understand the overall benefits of protein for women and just how important it is for overall health.

We associate a high-protein diet with building muscle and getting “big,” but that’s actually not entirely accurate. Protein is a macro nutrient that heals our bodies, allowing us to build strong bones and grow healthy hair and skin. The building blocks of protein, amino acids, aid different parts of our body, from healthy bones to making up our DNA. Let’s break down some myths around consuming protein.

Myth: If women eat too much protein, they will bulk up and look like a bodybuilder. 

Fact: Eating enough protein in your diet will give you glowing skin, strong bones, more energy, and help your body heal faster from illness and injury.

Now that’s something I want to get from my food!

One of the best benefits of protein for women has to do with just how much we need to get done in a day. Protein is an all-day macro nutrient for all-day energy. You need it morning, noon and night included in snacks and meals to help keep you going throughout your day. Want to kick that afternoon slump? Protein in the morning! Want to make sure you have plenty of energy to play with your kids or get that workout in? Have protein with your snacks throughout the day!

All protein isn’t treated equally, though. Protein comes from animals and plants. Quality protein is key to staying healthy, so foods like soy, nuts and seeds will help you get that healthy energy and glow that you look for in beauty products. Adding a clean plant-based protein powder like Health Warrior’s new Superfood Protein Powder is a quick way to make sure you get enough.


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