In my latest blog post titled Running Tips: Train Your Brain To Run Long Distances, my final tip was all about ways to make running fun. This ended up raising a few eyebrows. I got questions like, “You’re saying you have fun while running eighty miles a week?” and, “Exactly how do I make running fun?” I’m glad you asked! Let’s talk about the best running podcasts! Here are my three steps to making running more fun through entertainment. 

Step one: Invest in wireless headphones and a running belt

You won’t be winning any fashion awards with this look, but these two accessories make it possible to run while listening to music, a book on tape or a Podcast.

I first started out with Bluephonic Wireless Headphones that I found on Amazon. These were a great value for the price. They connect through Bluetooth and seamlessly sync to your phone. For Mother’s Day, I was gifted a pair of the Apple Pods. I love these. They have a really clear sound quality and no cord connecting the two earpieces. That darn cord would always get stuck in my hair! As with most Apple products, they are a little pricey. This is a great item to put on your birthday list, or Christmas list, whichever comes first. When it comes to running with headphones, be safe and always remember to be aware of your surroundings.

My running belt of choice is the Flipbelt. Let’s talk about how amazing it is to run with your phone without having to hold it in your hand or attach it to your arm. I never feel “cool” wearing a running belt, but I don’t care because it’s so functional!  It even has a latch for your keys, gels, or any other small thing you may need.

Step two: Decide what you’re in the mood for

When it comes to choosing what to listen to, listen to what your mood wants! Sometimes, I choose music, but mostly I love listening to podcasts. Here are some of my best running podcasts for helping log those miles!

Educational podcasts:

I am a real estate agent. With my headphones and belt in tow, running gives me a chance to sharpen up on my professional skills as a realtor. So for about 50% of my runs I am listening to Podcasts or Audiobooks on topics like: trends in the industry, interpersonal skills, and general tips from experienced agents. Use this solitary time to learn something new or advance yourself in your passion or industry. Is there a certification you’ve had your eye on or a new skill you’ve wanted to learn? There’s a Podcast for everything. Download it to your phone and learn something while you run. Learning can distract you from any pain or boredom you may encounter on your run.

Brain candy podcasts: When I don’t feel like working my brain, I turn on one of my guilty pleasure Podcasts to keep me company. I’m obsessed with The Bachelor, so lately I’ve been listening to the Reality Steve Podcast (warning, there are spoilers). Here are my recommendations if you are new to Podcasting and need somewhere to start:

  • Serial – one of the first Podcast’s that went viral. Excellent narration about a murder that took place in Baltimore County almost 20 years ago. This Podcast will constantly make you run longer than you planned just to hear what happens next.
  • Revisionist History – Malcolm Gladwell (also a runner) brings you on a journey to tell you the side not told of a historic event. He is such a clever storyteller, I find myself falling for his tricks and jumping to conclusions each episode, only to hear the plot twist and change my mind. A must-listen.
  • Dirty John, S-Town and Up and Vanished: three murder mystery Podcasts that will keep you on the edge of your seat. Be careful, these are a little eerie, so maybe save for bright shiny morning runs.
  • Stuff You Should Know, Planet Money, TED Radio Hour, How I Built This and Hidden Brain: I always learn something new when listening to these Podcasts. They also supply me with tidbits of “Dinner Party Knowledge.” If you’re interested in impressing your friends with random facts, these are for you!
  • I’ll Have Another, Running on Om, C Tolle Run and Strength Running: some of the best running podcasts out there. Each Podcast offers interviews with inspirational runners, insight and advice from elite runners, and endless entertainment during your next run.


If you’ve had a long day, if the best running podcasts don’t get you excited, turn on some jams. I typically use Pandora because I don’t want to think about a playlist, I just want to plug into the vibe I’m feeling and have the station do the work. Is it an up-tempo Bruno Mars run? Or a long, slow Fleetwood Mac jog? There’s a station for every kind of run.

Step Three: Turn on and go

Some days I don’t have a predetermined distance or time when I go out running. Sometimes these are the best types of runs. I go until I get bored of my “entertainment.” Let yourself get lost in whatever you are listening to and forget about the pounding on your legs or the hill you are trudging up. Enjoy the time alone with yourself. The best part, you can try something new tomorrow!

What are your go-to best running podcasts? Let us know by tagging us on social at @healthwarrior. Hear more tips from Keira D’Amato!