Okay, ladies. Let’s get real. We crush workouts, carry children, run marathons, and own the workplace – but when it comes to picking the healthiest women’s workout underwear, we sometimes fall short. Because when it comes down to it, not all undies are created equal – especially when it comes to the health of your nether regions. So, we came together at Health Warrior HQ to discuss which types of underwear are best for working out. It turns out our findings were as diverse as our team!

Jaci – Olympic weightlifter, CrossFit coach, non-runner:

Lululemon’s Namastay Put underwear is my go-to for women’s workout underwear. Literally, the greatest underwear to exist. It doesn’t show under leggings (actual sorcery, I don’t understand it) and as the name implies, it stays put. I never have to awkwardly pick a wedgie while teaching or doing CrossFit and it feels like I’m going commando without being awkward. Like a true underwear snob, I refuse to buy anything else.

Amy – mom, triathlete, total non-yogi:

I wear Calvin Klein bikini underwear. They don’t move, there’s no wedgie, they’re good for cycling, running and yoga and they’re 100% cotton, which is breathable. A must for keeping moisture at bay!

Calie – boutique fitness addict:

My go-to for workouts is the Hanky Panky Low Rise Thong. I love to work out in the one-size-fits-most low rise Hanky Pankies because not only are they super comfortable, they are also great at being “invisible” – even under lightweight leggings.  Because of the way they are made, they don’t cause any underwear lines in the back (which is great for sitting front row in spin class) or on the sides (crop top wearers, rejoice!). They also come in about a million colors, so bonus points for matching your leggings, your crops, AND your HP’s.

Abbey – Bodypump instructor, half-marathoner, hot yoga lover:

When I find something that I really like, I stick with it. A few years ago I purchased some No Show Laser Cut Hipsters from Target and was shocked at how perfectly they worked for everything- jeans, leggings, etc. Those became my go-to undies for working out. They provide full-butt coverage (which I’m always worried about while coaching squats) but don’t create any lines and don’t move either. I’ve gone back to Target again and again to stock up and get more color options. If it ain’t broke…

Hannah – free-trial extraordinaire:

For me, when it comes to workout underwear, I look for soft, seamless, and sweat-wicking. Most of the time, I am working out in leggings, so I prefer thongs. This way, there are no lines, and more importantly, no awkward and uncomfortable bunching during your workout. My favorite are Victoria’s Secret Seamless Thongs. And if I’m feeling fancy, I might spend a few extra dollars and treat myself to Zella’s Active Thong. When I workout in shorts, I trust the built-in underwear in Lululemon’s Hotty Hot Short, and go commando.

Allison – spin instructor, weight-lifter, pick up field-hockey player:

Most days, I  never wear underwear to workout. After being introduced to the concept of compression shorts during college field hockey, I became a full believer in ditching the undies and wearing tight fitting performance wear that is designed to keep you dry while you sweat. For spin, I would love to never have to wear underwear but sometimes it’s just inevitable. Underwear under leggings on a regular day is annoying enough, but throw in the mix of tap-backs and sprints during spin class and I’m completely in a bunch. So for that,  I lean towards plain cotton thongs. They’re breathable and comfortable without being too tight on your body for the amount of movement you’re doing during a spin class. They don’t ride up or fall down, which is absolutely key. For all other exercise, I tend to wear Nike running shorts (shout out Norts people) with the built in underwear and nothing else. If you can find yourself a pair of shorts that goes above and beyond, go for it. My preference is to wear the Nike shorts with built in compression shorts.

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