A recent study by researchers at Cornell University found that the sugar alcohol erythritol is linked to weight gain. Erythritol occurs naturally in some foods and in the body and has made its way into some popular snack bars.

Researchers focused on young adults transitioning into college life, a time period when weight gain is common. They found that students who gained weight and abdominal fat over the course of a year “had fifteenfold higher blood erythritol at the start of the year compared with their counterparts who were stable or lost weight and fat mass over the academic year.”

Sugar alcohol erythritol was first discovered in 1848 by Scottish chemist John Stenhouse. “A new study has identified the sugar alcohol erythritol as a biomarker for increasing fat mass.”

Erythritol occurs naturally in a variety of foods, but in recent years has become a common ingredient in foods aiming to be low-calorie and low-sugar, including snack bars, as a sugar replacement sweetener. Some companies prioritize lower calorie counts and sugar content by using additives like erythritol which may negate their goals, causing weight gain.

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