By Allison Siegel
Health Warrior Marketer, gym addict and spin instructor

For the year-round fitness junkie, January can be rough. Gyms are packed with people resolving to make a change this year, equipment is scarce and parking becomes its own challenge.

Don’t let it get you down! January is the time to change things up, get creative, and push your body in ways you didn’t think you could. We spoke with DOGPOUND trainer and fitness guru Elise Young (@elisesbodyshop) about her tips to crush your workout no matter how crowded your gym.

Workout with intention and have a plan

Getting the most out of your workout takes planning outside of the gym. Thirty minutes before the workout, take time to fuel your body properly while you plan. A great thing to snack on while planning your workout is a Health Warrior Chia Bar either the Acai Berry flavor or Dark Chocolate. Fueling your body with real food has been an important part of an active lifestyle. Health Warrior Chia Bars pack protein and omega-3s from superfood chia seeds and they won’t make your stomach feel heavy or bloated. This leaves you ready to push yourself to your limits.

Grab the equipment you need and find your spot

Save yourself time between sets by gathering everything you need before you start. Find an area where you have some room to move, and lay down a fitness mat if you need one. There are plenty of ways to challenge yourself with body weight exercises and you can incorporate fitness bands and small dumbbells into your routine as well. With everything within arms reach, you’ll be ready to blow right through your sets

Turn up your headphones. Drown out exterior noise. Focus on you.

It’s easy to get distracted people-watching when there are so many people there. Remember your goal. Cue up your favorite playlist, turn up the volume and WORK!

Take action. Work. Rest. Repeat. Crush.

Stick to your plan. Don’t let a busy environment affect your workout. If you need an example of a full body workout that brings the heat but keeps it simple check out Elise’s post here.

Wake up with intention and get after it, every day.

There’s no reason you can’t make the crowded gym work for you. Put on your thinking cap and get out there because the best workouts are the ones when you find out you can do something new. Push beyond your limits, get creative, and nothing will stop you!