Health Warrior Superfoods is a company made up of many parents trying to raise healthy children. We understand that now, more than ever, habits that begin at a young age are more likely to make lasting impacts for positive health later on. The simplest way to implement activity in the lives of your children is to make it a part of your life and, most importantly, to make it fun! As busy parents, we know it can be difficult to find the time to exercise, but incorporating exercise for kids in the activity will not only allow more time for you to move, but your children can be part of the process as well. Here are a few of our favorite ways to get moving with the whole family.

Exercise for Kids: 6 Fun Ways to Get Moving

  1. Walking I-spy

If your little ones are reluctant to join an after-dinner walk, make it a game! Play I-spy or count how many birds or red cars you can spot.

2. Play active Jenga

Thanks to our friend Shannon Pondella of Surface Fitness for this idea! A great way to teach health exercise for kids is to find a Jenga game at a thrift store or online and customize it! Have family members write activities on each block like “do 10 jumping jacks” or “name 5 fruits.” You pull a block, you do whatever is on the block! Whoever makes the tower falls is in charge of clean up.

3. Walk dogs at a local shelter

Animal shelters and rescue organizations around the country are in need of volunteers to help care for pets and many allow children with an adult. Sign up to walk dogs or clean cat cages! You won’t even realize how active you are when you’re distracted by all the adorableness.

4. Organize a kickball game

This is much more simple than it sounds. With as little as 6 people, you can throw together the world’s easiest game. All you need are “bases” which can be plates, mailboxes, chalk-drawn, and a ball. Grab another family or the neighbors and just have fun. Keep score or don’t, and make sure the little ones get easy passes pitched to them so everyone can have a little victory!

5. Ask your kids to make up a dance

They can pick their favorite song and choreograph a dance to perform before dinner or teach to you! They’ll have fun and get to work the creative side of their brain while getting some movement in.

6. Bring them along to your workout

Kids love to imitate us. If they’re interested in what you’re doing when you workout – boxing, running, cycle class – find a family-friendly class and bring them along! Depending on the gym, some classes allow kids over a certain age with your supervision.

What are your favorite ways to incorporate exercise for kids and get the family moving? Let us know in the comments!