Although they may be small, pumpkin seeds pack a powerful nutritional punch. These mighty seeds, also known as pepitas, contain a powerhouse of super health-enhancing benefits. Pepitas have been consumed in Mexico dating back to ancient Aztec times. The Aztec’s hailed the many benefits of pumpkin seeds, as they have long been known for their medicinal properties, delicious flavor, energy sustaining abilities, and versatility in meals.

The pumpkin seeds used by the Aztecs, and here at Health Warrior, are different from the variety found in Jack-O-Lanterns during Halloween. The superfood seeds we use can be found in shell-less pumpkins like Lady Godiva Pumpkin, Austria Oil Seed Pumpkin, Gleisdorfer Naked Seeded Pumpkin and Kakai Hulless Pumpkin.* These superfood seeds come in slim green oval packages bursting with a crazy amount of health benefits. This is why we at Health Warrior created a superfood line of Pumpkin Seed Bars to make sure health warriors like you have access to the power of pumpkin seeds all year long.

The 5 Powerhouse Benefits of Pumpkin Seeds

Chill-axing power

Want to relax and de-stress? Eat foods high in magnesium. Wrapped in just one ounce of pumpkins seeds is nearly half of your daily recommended intake of magnesium. Research shows that a deficiency of magnesium can contribute to anxiety, stress, and depression. In addition, stressful events can cause the body to lose its much-needed magnesium. Do your body and mind a favor by adding some magnesium-boosting foods like pumpkin seeds into your diet for ultimate happiness and mental clarity.

Metabolism boost

The magnesium in pumpkin seeds does more than just chill you out. Magnesium is involved in more than 300 reactions in the body, such as helping your body burn energy by boosting your metabolism. It’s basically like adding oil to your metabolic engine, helping it work smoothly, quickly, and efficiently. A deficiency can cause you to slow down by making you feel tired and weak.

Pumpkin seeds also rev your engine by being an excellent source of energy boosting iron. One ounce of these super seeds provides you with a quarter of your daily iron requirements. When comparing iron sources, one ounce of pumpkin seeds has twice the amount of iron as one cup of spinach and as much iron as three ounces of beef. Iron plays an essential role in delivering oxygen to every cell in your body. This helps each one of your 37.2 trillion cells function to their prime capacity. A deficiency of iron can decrease energy levels. One thing to note is that those who exercise regularly are at a higher risk of developing a deficiency, making it essential for all active health warriors to consume snacks high in iron.

Repair and rebuild

Pumpkin seeds are composed of mostly healthy fats, 13g to be exact, including 6g of anti-inflammatory and health-enhancing omega-3 fats. Fats are essential to creating the cell wall structure around every cell in your body. Fats comprise 60% of one of your most vital organs, the brain. Omega-3 fats, like those found in pumpkin seeds, play the most important role in how the brain performs and develops.

Mega on manganese

Just one ounce of pumpkin seeds contains half our daily required dose of manganese. Manganese is a trace mineral that acts as a powerful antioxidant in the body by seeking out health-damaging free radicals and neutralizing them out of the body, saving the body from free radical damage. Many free radicals come from environmental exposures to things such as pollutants, smoke, and industrial chemicals.

Manganese also helps run your metabolism, builds vital tissues and hormones, and helps the body detoxify. Low levels of manganese in the diet can contribute to infertility, poor bone health, and high blood pressure.

Feel well and sleep well

Move over turkey. Pumpkin seeds have more sleep-promoting tryptophan than the rumored post-Thanksgiving coma inducer, turkey. Pumpkin seeds contain 578mg of tryptophan per one ounce serving compared to turkey’s 113 mg per one ounce serving. Tryptophan is needed to help make the brain chemical serotonin. Serotonin is a promoter of calmness and relaxation, opening the gate to a peaceful night’s rest.

Protein packed

Everyone wants to know how to include more plant based protein in their diet and pumpkin seeds are the answer. Pumpkin seeds are one of the most protein dense plant-based foods with 30g of high quality plant-based protein per 100g. That’s a serious protein boost. These seeds fit in all diet regimes from vegan, vegetarian, low FODMAP*, Mediterranean, paleo, gluten free, Atkins, Zone, Mayo Clinic to an overall Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and doctor recommended mostly plant-based diet.  With individual dietary protein recommendations ranging from .8-2g or more per 2.2lbs of body weight a day these pumpkin seeds are a great addition to all diets.

This perfect little seed truly has the complete package and earn their keep on the superfoods list with ample plant-based protein, healthy fats, minerals, antioxidant abilities, and as a bonus, a blissful calming effect. It’s hard to believe so much amazingness can fit into such a small package. That’s why Health Warrior created our line of pumpkin seed bars with pumpkin seeds as the first ingredient to make sure you’re reaping the most health boosting benefits per bite. Health Warrior pumpkin  seed superfood bars come in a variety of flavors such as dark chocolate, honey sea salt, chocolate peanut butter, and cinnamon spice, offering a taste every palate can enjoy. What are you waiting for? Join the tribe and add some pumpkin seeds to your health-enhancing routine.