Now that it’s summertime, travel opportunities seem endless. Between getaways, beach trips, and wedding celebrations it can be easy to sabotage your healthy habits. But warm weather fun doesn’t have to wreck your healthy vibes. One way to keep your health on track is to plan ahead when it comes to healthy travel snacks. But which munchies should be your go-to? Here are four guidelines to help you pick the best snacks for any getaway.

Is it durable?  

Nobody has time for crumbly travel companions! Choose durable snacks like nuts, Chia Bars, jerky and almond butter packets that can go the distance AND provide sustaining energy.

Will it hydrate?

Airplanes are notorious for dehydrating the body so make sure to pick snacks that have high water content.  Yes, this may cause a few more pit stops, but the hydration is worth it (and can also help beat bloat!).

Does it have protein?

Sometimes snacking can become carb heavy, which promotes fatigue.  Counter this with protein for a balanced snacking experience!

Is it a good boredom buster?  

Who doesn’t like to munch while they trip? While it can be tempting to eat an entire bag of snacks at one time, instead  think through your options and choose the snacks that take longer to eat!

Ready for a healthy travel snack cheat sheet? Well, whether you are jet-setting, road-tripping or having an extended day at the pool, here’s a round up of delicious snacks that answer YES to all those questions!

Produce + Protein

Produce packs a punch in the hydration, durability AND boredom departments. Try fresh carrots, radishes, snap peas and celery with a container of hummus, guacamole or nut butter.  Or grab apples, grapes (freeze for a double purposed ice pack) or clementines along with some pre-portioned bags of nuts.

Bonus tip: If you can tolerate peanuts and pistachios, snag the shelled variety – boredom problem solved!

Homemade Energy Bites  

While this requires more prep, this is a classic of sweet, healthy travel snacks! Pack your energy bites with nuts for protein and dates for hydration. Need inspiration? Try our recipe!

Bonus tip:  Roll your finished bite in coconut, almond or regular flour before storing in the fridge to maintain durability throughout your trip.

Health Warrior Pumpkin and Chia Bars  

These travel-friendly bars answer yes to all three categories and can easily be eaten alone or paired with fruit for a quick pick-me-up. The best part? They keep you full for a long time and taste great.

Bonus tip: These bars fit perfectly into tiny pockets, making them compatible for any activity on the go.  

Coconut Water  

While this won’t pass through TSA, you can easily bring it on your road trip or purchase in the airport. Just remember that you want coconut water on the label, nothing else!

Bonus tip: Drinking coffee on your trip? Try adding coconut water in lieu of milk for a sweet, refreshing alternative!


Smoothies might not be part of airport friendly healthy travel snacks but they’re still a good option for the road. Pre-make your smoothie and then pour into your favorite to-go bottle. To help you stay full, combine your liquid of choice with a fiber (whole fruit, flax/chia seeds),  greens (leafy variety or superfood powders), a fat (avocado, coconut butter, nut butter) and you’re ready to go! For example, blend avocado, coconut milk, flaxseed seeds, raw cacao, dates, almond butter, and romaine. Delicious!

Bonus tip – Freeze your smoothie overnight if you’re unable to pack a cooler.  Traveling to a place with a fridge and blender? Pre-make bags of your mixture to store and blend each morning.

Roasted Chickpeas  

Chickpeas are both easy and simple to make. Roast cooked chickpeas in some coconut oil and your favorite spice (try cinnamon, salt and pepper, turmeric, etc.) and that’s it!

Bonus tip:  Sweeten your chickpeas (coat in honey, cinnamon or nutmeg) and add these to fresh fruit, which can be bought at any convenience store/airport for a protein-filled granola alternative!

Need even more healthy travel snack inspiration? Shop Chia Bars!