You won’t be surprised to hear that social media can be hurtful to your self image. Celebrities, photoshop, perfect meals, abs. Spending time mindlessly scrolling Instagram can leave you making unfair comparisons and leave you deflated. But there’s hope! Instagram has become a place where body positivity and self care can flourish in many ways. Here are 8 of our favorite Instagram accounts for body positivity.


Jessamyn Stanley has been one of our favorite yogis for some time. She’s a yoga teacher who celebrates all bodies and the author of “Every Body Yoga.” Her feed is real, personal, and inspiring.

@jameelajamilofficial and @i_weigh

Jameela Jamil is an actress (yes Tahini from The Good Place) and a self-proclaimed “feminist-in-progress.” Her Instagram feed is a refreshing mashup of gorgeous magazine shoots mixed with hilarious rants against airbrushing, “diet teas” and “having a good side.” She started @i_weigh to highlight that what makes us our true selves is so much more than our body.


This account illustrates real women paired with strong reminders for self love. They’re inclusive and beautiful.


The founder of adorable apparel company, Jen Gotch’s feed is intense and hilarious. She’s brilliantly open with her mental health journey, including her treatment for bipolar disorder and misdiagnosis around depression, ADD, and insomnia. She advocates for speaking about mental health openly and freely and even rocks a necklace that says “bipolar” to encourage more conversation. Check out this emotional rating system she created.


Some of our favorite instagram accounts for body positivity are curated ones that repost pieces from many different accounts. This one is a beautifully crated assembly of illustrations from different artists all promoting self care in all of its forms. One of the best things like following an account like this is that you’ll scroll past it and be reminded to prioritize sleep or boundaries or positive self talk.


We’ve loved watching Emily Nolan’s life change through her Instagram account, mostly because of how real it is. She talks body image, plus size modeling, beauty standards, and she’s recently become a mom! You’ll love getting to know her too.


Celeste Barber is a constant source of laughter in the Health Warrior office. She’s an actor and comedian who became known for her #celestechallengeaccepted where she recreates social media photos of celebs like Kim Kardashian and Gigi Hadid as a real person would. Always a welcomed reality check while scrolling.


Stacie Swift is a mom and illustrator who designs colorful self love reminders that are mostly light reminders of your self worth.

We want to hear your favorite instagram accounts for body positivity! Tag us on Instagram at @healthwarrior.