Productivity Tips: How Real Food and Routines Make All The Difference

Some people have a false notion that being BUSY = productivity. But just doing a ton of things doesn’t actually mean you are accomplishing anything. And it can often mean that you are running yourself into the ground, burning the candle at both ends, and probably relying on caffeine, sugar, or quick eats that aren’t all that healthy to get you through your day.

I’ve talked a lot about my routines and productivity tips (see here and here) that I believe are the cornerstone to creating a well-functioning day, but I’m also a huge proponent of using real, whole foods to start your day right and to keep you going through all your different activities.

As someone who does a LOT of different things (client shopping, business consulting and coaching, running social media, etc.), putting what I’m eating on autopilot is the key that helps me stick to my routine, be uber productive, and feel great while doing all the things that I do.

Here are my three tips for using food to fuel your productivity:

Meal Prep

I used to never meal prep, but I’ve started using Sundays as my day to make ALL THE FOOD. What this means is that usually I’m making soups, roasting veggies, and cooking protein for the entire week, not just a few days at a time. I’ll also make sure I have fruit, chopped vegetables, bars or nuts ready to go.

Pack Food the Night Before

Pack your meals and all snacks the night before – I used to think this was a waste of time, but that has truly changed my life and productivity. Here’s what it looks like: I come home, immediately unpack my lunch bag from the day, and prep and pack my lunch for the next day. I prep my coffee, fill my water bottles, and throw the lunch bag in the fridge so that all I need to do the next day is grab it and go. Depending on what I’m doing, my lunch may include something I need to heat up, or it may be more bars or snacks if I’m on the go or in my car. Either way, it takes at most 15 minutes and it’s made my mornings so much easier.

Keep Simple “Emergency” Food On Hand

I never go anywhere without food that I trust and love on hand because being hangry never makes a good decision (and yes, I’ve been known to eat tuna from a can, Chia Bars, even pre-cooked sausages as emergency food).

If you’re looking for another easy-to-make and eat item to help your morning start off smoother, these new protein based, microwavable Protein Mug Muffins may do the trick for you! Packed with twice as much protein as sugar, real food ingredients (no fake sugar here) and everything is recognizable, they can be perfect if you are in your “food freedom” post Whole 30, love extra boosts of protein, or need a super quick addition to throw in your bag during a busy day.

These muffins have 12g of plant based protein, only 6g of sugar and include superfoods like sorghum, pumpkin seeds, flax seeds, and almonds. PLUS, they are dairy free, soy free, gluten free, non GMO and contain no stevia or sugar alcohols.  Like I said – real ingredients that you understand AND can actually pronounce.

Why Health Warrior?

As a Richmond native myself, we’re super proud of our local makers and creators and Health Warrior Superfoods is no exception. Founded in 2010 by three college friends who recognized that quality in food matters, Health Warrior was one of the first companies to use chia seeds – one of the most nutrient dense foods – by putting them in Chia Bars to get the most bang for the nutritional – and good tasting – buck.

Want to explore more from the Health Warrior line? Hint – their 100 calorie Chia Bars are GREAT as quick snacks or even desserts. Find them on!