This post was penned by Jill Anenberg Lawrence, Board Certified Holistic Health Coach and Health Warrior Ambassador. Learn more about Jill at her site.

The clock is glaring 3:52pm and you have a very important meeting that requires all brain cells on deck. Ugh, but your lunch didn’t hold you over and your stomach is growling for something quick. No! Don’t reach in the candy bowl on your desk. In fact, throw that crap out right now, she says with love for you. If only there was a food, even better a superfood that could be consumed quickly and charge you up like freakin’ Popeye! Cue the balloon drop, move over candy bar, we’ve got Health Warrior Chia Bar to the rescue!

Ok don’t be envious of its sexy stats; this bar comes in at 100 calories, 4 grams of fiber, 3 grams of protein and 5 grams of ‘feed your brain and skin cells’ healthy fat derived from superfood chia seeds. This good kind of fat is derived from the omega 3 fatty acids linked to: brain function, improved mood, decreased depression, increased heart health and healthy eyes. I feel smarter just writing about it. And with only 5 grams of sugar from the natural beauties of the sweet world, you’ll get the energy boost you need without that undesirable crash.

Chia bars are compact cuties that always have a place in my desk, purse, gym bag, backpack, car, back pocket…basically anything I have that I can store a little pick me up snack in. I love them as a mid morning munchie with herbal tea, when I find myself hiking longer than expected (taking the road less traveled is ok when you’ve got a chia bar) and I’ll admit, even when I need something sweet but don’t want to regret it. The only regret you’ll have is not having a bar on hand.

Think of Health Warrior as a “Genie in a Lamp” granting you three wishes with the three incredible bars they offer. The Chia Bar I unabashedly bragged about above, the Protein Bar and the new…drumroll please…Pumpkin Seed Bar! Just as we have certain friends that thrive in certain social settings, these bars all have their own unique attributes.

Who doesn’t like free stuff? These bars are dairy free, soy free and gluten free. The animal lover in me also loves they are 100% vegan.

What else makes this superfood, chia seed, so special? Glad you asked! The teeny tiny seed expands 10 times its size meaning it will keep you fuller longer. Mooooove over dairy, chia has almost as much calcium as a glass of milk. Want more? Ok, how about the high levels of iron, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium and zinc. I know it’s impressive! If I came back as a seed in my next life I’m thinkin’ it would be chia.

Variety is the spice of life so try the new Pumpkin Seed Bar! Of course anytime your tummy starts talking back to you, sending an army of pumpkin seeds in there will do the trick with their high levels of protein, iron, and magnesium. But-­‐ I especially like to snack on this bar when I just need a little something say an hour after dinner. Admit it, I’m not the only one who occasionally snacks at night. The reason I like this bar in the evening is pumpkin seeds contain the amino acid tryptophan. Yes! The same thing in turkey that makes us want to nap after Thanksgiving. Our bodies convert tryptophan to serotonin and then into melatonin, which is known as the sleep hormone.

With these three bars that are highly nutritious plus I can honestly say, some of the best I’ve ever tasted, there’s never a reason to miss an opportunity to snack like a Health Warrior.