This Mother’s Day, we’re celebrating the women who raised us to be the warriors of Health Warrior. The lessons we learned from our mothers have inspired us to live lives where health and happiness are at the forefront and for that, we can’t say “thank you” enough. 

Shane Emmett, CEO and co-founder:

My Mom gave me every ounce of kindness and patience I have (about 1/10th of her amazing capacity for both).

Sarah Wiltshire, finance & operations:

My mom taught me the importance of Mental Health Days. Every now and then you need a day to focus on your mental health.

Josh Weinberg, sales:

My Mom is an amazing, creative, strong woman.  She showed me that anything can be achieved if you stay positive, work hard, and put your mind to it – she was always there to support me when I had a new idea I wanted to pursue.  I knew she would be there to catch me in case I stumbled, but she would also allow me to fall if thats the lesson that I needed to learn.  She always encouraged me to walk my own path in life – she is a treasure.

Abbey Howarth, marketing:

My mom showed me that hard work goes a long way and being kind goes even further.

Johnny Russell, finance & operations:

Among the multitude of things I learned from my Mom, she taught me about honor, honesty, and keeping ones word. She liked to tell a story about how she agreed to go to senior prom with one of her friends, even though she had been hoping this other boy would ask her to be his date. Eventually she was asked by this other boy, but she didn’t back down from her original plan. When she told the story, she wasn’t ashamed to admit that she would have preferred to do the expedient thing and change her plans, but she was also very proud of herself for keeping her word. There’s a very fine line between doing the right thing and getting what we want in life, and my Mom walked that line beautifully. Her senior prom story was lighthearted on the surface, but like everything about my Mom, she imparted much deeper meaning not just through her words but through her actions.

Julia Wing-Larson, marketing:

My mom taught me to stand up for what I believe in and work hard to make the world a better place.

Thomas Cadrin, marketing:

My mother, Michelle Cadrin-Msumba, had me when she was 19 years old in 1987. Through her hard work and gritty ‘We can make anything happen if we work hard enough’ attitude, she’s gone on to raise two more children, risen through the ranks within the healthcare industry, and is a true Matriarch within our family – both extended and immediate. She’s always thinking of ways to celebrate and bring together the people she loves in ways that truly make them a part of our family. I’ve learned from her that if you want to make yourself feel better, focus on others, a notion that has permeated my entire existence. Love you, Mom!

Amy Boyer, sales:

My mom taught me the value of simple, personal gestures.  She raised my brother and me to always send a hand written thank you note or birthday card.  Or, better yet, to take a friend or neighbor some homemade blueberry muffins or cookies.  It is amazing how something so simple can make someone else smile, and how wonderful it feels to know you can help make another person’s day just a little better.  As I raise my kids, I am trying to encourage that same principle.  We all write thank you notes together and pick a neighbor to bake for every month.  Thank you, Mom, for setting such a great example!

Katie Powers, operations:

My mom taught me how to be a good mom.  From experiencing her loving care, to observing how she tended to my younger brother, to watching her work her magic in kindergarten classrooms, I was and am very fortunate to have such a great role model.

Hannah Hunt, marketing:

My mom taught me to never pass up an opportunity to see the world. And to always wear sunscreen while doing so.

Christen Daniels, marketing:

I’ve learned so many things from my Mom over the years such as the meaning of perseverance, the value of unwavering love and support, along with how to be a great friend. But in addition to those wonderful qualities, she also taught me that a home cooked meal, made with love and real food from scratch, is one of the best ways to show you care. I have countless memories of love and laughter around the table with my family enjoying many of her meals – many that took all day to pull together. Now that I’m a Mom with a family of my own, preparing good and nutritious foods is something I strive to do just like Mom.

Lisa Hartig, finance & operations:

My mother taught me that when in doubt, ask questions!  Growing up, I remember being mortified every time she would ask another question when we were out together – how could she still want to know more?!  Now that I’m older, I have realized the importance of asking when you don’t know and using those questions to spark further conversation and learning.  Can’t wait to keep the tradition alive and start embarrassing my own children.